Meet the Team

  • Niki Rule
  • Stef Mansell
  • Karen Belasco
  • Jasmine Sellings
  • Jacqui Doyle
  • Danielle Harris
  • Roberta Freeland
  • Bibi Peelman
  • Siân Balsdon
  • Robert Enefer
  • Liz Rainbows

Niki Rule

Job title: Sales Manager
Greatest achievement:
 Learning to speak Spanish in my forties!
Music of the moment: Reggaeton/Salsa – or anything you can dance to!
Right now I'm loving: Hiking in the mountains with my pup
My hero: My late Father, quite simply the best  person I’ve ever known
True or false: I can move one eye independently from the other

Stef Mansell

Job title: Deputy Venue Finding Manager
Greatest achievement: Completing my first Triathlon
Music of the moment:
Bastille and Rag n Bone Man
Right now I'm loving: Anything coconut
My hero: Anyone who can make chocolate last longer than an hour
True or false: I've met Tim Peake

Karen Belasco

Job title: Venue Finding Manager
Greatest achievement:
 Working for The Conference People for 17 years!
Music of the moment: Avicii
Right now I'm loving: Eddie Stobart
My hero: Ray Mears 
True or false: The fastest bowler in the whole of the Stoolball England League

Jasmine Sellings

Job title: Venue Finding Co-ordinator
Greatest achievement: Completing Race for Life 10k in 58minutes 
Music of the moment:
 Rak Su
Right now I'm loving: Throw back 90's classics  
My hero: My Mum
True or false: I swam with Dolphins

Jacqui Doyle

Job title: Business Manager
Greatest achievement:
 Ask me again when I’m 80!
Music of the moment: Ed Sheeran and Coldplay
Right now I'm loving: Grey's Anatomy which I've only just discovered!
My hero: My Dad
True or false: I love a really hot curry!

Danielle Harris

Job title: Venue Finding Co-ordinator
Greatest achievement: Travelling Asia & Australia for 18 months
Music of the moment: Ed Sheeran
Right now I’m loving: Planning my trip to Canada
My hero: My grandparents 
True or false: I hate roast dinners

Roberta Freeland

Job title: Venue Finding Co-ordinator
Greatest achievement: Living the life of my dreams
Music of the moment: Costello Music
Right now I’m loving: Living by the sea
My hero: My grandad
True or false: I can hold my breath under water for 3 minutes

Bibi Peelman

Job title: Accountant
Greatest achievement:
5 months overland public transport travel around Africa
Music of the moment: Nick Cave, Massive Attack, David Sylvian
Right now I'm loving: Desperate Housewives
My hero: Coco Chanel
True or false: Competed in Saas Fee’s famous downhill sprint ski race with the Swiss Olympic Team

Siân Balsdon

Job title: Account Manager
Greatest achievement:
 Completing two half marathons
Music of the moment: James Arthur 
Right now I'm loving: Being back at The Conference People
My hero: My Grandad
True or false: I've had dinner with Peter Andre

Robert Enefer

Job title: Managing Director
Greatest achievement:
starting The Conference People 
Music of the moment: Benjamin Clementine 
Right now I'm loving: all varieties of beetroot!
My hero: My brother
True or false: I used to umpire for Sussex County Cricket Club! 

Liz Rainbows

Job title: Venue Finding Co-ordinator 
Greatest achievement:
Learning to drive when I can only see out of one eye!
Music of the moment: Anything with lots of bass 
Right now I'm loving: girlie Friday nights in
My hero: My wonderful mum
True or false: I am one of 15 siblings!