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Basic Tips for Environmentally Friendly Conferences

 At The Conference People we take great pride in providing a quality service to our clients whilst limiting the carbon footprint that our events leave behind. If you’re planning a conference, here are a few good green tips. We also try and implement these ideas when managing successful sustainable events for our clients

  • All catering plates, cups and glasses to be china or glass (non-disposable). If plastic, they must be washable (biodegradable or compostable is better). NO Styrofoam under any circumstances.
  • Condiments to be served in bulk containers, not individual servings, to save packaging. This includes sugar, creamer, butter, cream cheese, etc.
  • All napkins to be cloth whenever possible. Use coasters instead of cocktail napkins.
  • Separate recycling bins for attendees to use at all catered functions, registration, and especially on the exhibit floor.
  • All handouts to be printed on two sides using post-consumer recycled paper, or better still, provide all handouts afterwards online.
  • Recycled-content promotional products when deciding on pens, bags, shirts and caps.
  • Ask hotels not to change the sheets and towels daily unless requested by the guest.
  • Ask  hotels not to replace the amenities daily unless they are gone. Use of soap and shampoo dispensers would be optimal.
  • Ask hotels’ housekeeping staff to shut blinds and turn down the heat/air conditioning during the day in rooms while attendees are gone.
  • Feature information about the facilities’ recycling program for all areas.
  • Ensure all leftover food is donated to a local food bank.



These tips are just a starting place, but the impact of even these few changes can be dramatic. It has been our experience that most hotels and meeting facilities are willing to work with you-they benefit as well.

This entry was posted by Matt on Friday, March 30th, 2007 at 2:44 pm and is filed under Green Events. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. 5 Responses to “Basic Tips for Environmentally Friendly Conferences”
  1. Annette says: (on April 19th, 2007 at 1:01 pm)

    Where do all the plastic cups go in Jamaica??

    Whilst on holiday in Jamaica I was astounded at the number of plastic cups being used for drinks. I don’t actually like the whole prepare the cocktail in plastic plung containers in advance then squeeze them out into plastic cups policy. I think most people would agree that a personally prepared drink is a more pleasurable experience.

    A 430 bedroom hotel in Montego Bay, all guests indulging in the all-inclusive package meant plastic cups were being used at an astonishing rate. Here are the numbers: Take an average of 750 people occupying the hotel and having 5 drinks a day = 3,750 cups per day = 1,368,750 cups per year just at that one hotel. If 10 hotels opperate in the same way that would be 13,687,500 cups per year!! So where do they all go?? As well as the beautiful Blue Mountains there must be a Plastic Cup Mountain somewhere too!

    Plastic re-usable Cocktail glasses can be purchased at

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