Venue liaison, logistics and risk assessment

Once details of the programme are known, we will produce our Events Operational Programme which is a highly detailed briefing document containing not least, points of contact, access and set up times, timings, room layouts, catering, approved signatories, account instructions and emergency information.  It is the 'blue print' of the event - from rehearsals and setting up - through to the departure of the last delegate and crew. 

The venue and all sub-contractors will work to this programme and will liaise with our designated Event Manager in charge of the event on the day.

This important document really is the key to a successful event and highlights the attention to detail and hours of planning that your event manager has poured into your event.

Throughout the planning process we’ll keep you informed every step of the way, consulting with you regularly.  Another aspect we are quite particular about is best practice for the event Risk Assessment.  We believe the health and safety of your delegates, your staff,  our own team and crew is paramount. Thorough risk assessments are carried out before every event, in keeping with the Corporate Manslaughter Act 2008.  This will take into account every elements of your event whether it’s a one day conference in city centre, or a seven day safari.

  • All arrangements correctly followed through
  • Keeping you informed at all times
  • Providing a full operational programme - the blue-print of the event
  • Full risk assessment

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