Just back from a fantastically successful conference in Punta Cana, Domincan Republic. Our client Abcam have held these events is Cancun and Nassau in previous years, all managed by The Conference People.

The science discussed at these meetings is pretty mind blowing, so I'll just concentrate on telling you about the venue, the Allegro Punta Cana.

Now I'd heard a ton of negative comments about DR and all of these proved unfounded in my experience. The resort was spotlessly clean, safe and full of friendly staff. Most importantly, the food was sensational and as far as I'm aware there were no reports of food poisoning within the group of 250 pax. So please don't believe all of the horror stories you read of the net. I'd throroughly recommend the venue for family holidays or conferences. Have a look at it http://www.occidentalhotels.com/hotel_information.aspx?hotel=1082649122329. Best of all, incredibly good value!!!!!!!!!!

Kate, Phil and Rose have moved onto to the Hilton Cancun for Abcam's next event which is taking place next week.

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