The Conference People have just received a really interesting email about a really worthy cause from David Clarke the CEO of Best Western Hotels.

Last year, David celebrated reaching 60 years’ of age and learnt that, upon reaching this great milestone, he is entitled to receive the government’s ‘Winter Fuel Allowance’ and that set him thinking that, as he does not need it, is there some way it can get re-directed to someone who does? So David registered and then set about getting two parties together who could move the idea forward.

Best Western Hotels has teamed up with Shelter, the housing and homelessness charity, to help keep families snug and secure this winter. 

Have you ever found a crumpled £5 in a coat you haven't worn for a while? That £5 could fund five minutes of Shelter's housing advice helpline.

At last, a £10 lottery win! It won't change your life, but Shelter could use it to buy textbooks for a child whose education has been disrupted by homelessness.

You probably wouldn't think twice about spending £25 in a restaurant. Shelter could use that money to buy a microwave so a rehoused family can make hot meals while they save for a cooker.

Have you ever spent £50 on a piece of clothing - and never got round to wearing it? That £50 can help train a Shelter adviser to deal with vulnerable adults, and protect children at risk.

Maybe you got a £250 winter fuel allowance this year? If you don't need it to pay your bills, that money could transfer a family from a condemned building into a safe, comfortable home.

A gift from you, no matter how small, can help Shelter make a positive difference to the lives of people in desperate housing need. 

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