Managed our final eBay University event of the year ( on Saturday (11 Nov) at the University of Exeter.

eBay University is part of eBay's education programme. In short, its designed to educate sellers how to "upscale" their sales and is aimed at every level of eBayer as it has classes for Selling Basics, Beyond the Basics and Top Sellers. They're a great client to be involved with and it's good to see the thousands of positive eBay stories that happen in contrast to the one or two nightmare stories that the Daily Mail and Watchdog like to focus on (usually caused by gullable buyers).

I was joined by our very own eBay Powerseller, Penny, and Andy Pinker whose been helping us with the Uni's this year. He's a good lad, but missed the train to Brighton in the morning so travelled down seperately! Good start to the event!

If you haven't been, the University of Exeter is a cracking venue. In particular, the Peter Chalk centre is ideal for 200-300 delegates The staff were extremely friendly, the catering was good and the lecture theatres were modern and clean. Highly recommended.

Good to catch up with some of the exhibitors to, particularly the guys from Postal Supplies ( and Channel Advisor (

We stayed over on Friday night at the Alias Barcelona hotel in Exeter. Great hotel and again, lovely people (must be the Exeter folk!). Have a look at the website , very contemporary and well worth a visit. The bar is pretty cool as well and we had a nice meal in the Cafe Paradiso.

All in all, it was a successful couple of days, despite not getting home until midnight on Saturday.

Hoping to launch the 2007 University events soon..................

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