I am amazed, astonished and a little dismayed at the number of enquiries we receive from companies who advertise themselves as a ‘Venue Finding Agency’, yet they contact us to take on the project when an enquiry is challenging or they are asked to ‘think outside the box’.

We are contacted on a regular basis by large agencies, some of the biggest players in the field, and asked to source venues for a client’s event. We always turn them down. The majority is Event Management Companies, pitching for business and although they offer a Venue Finding Service, they are unable to dedicate the time and energy necessary to produce a Venue Finding Proposal. We do the work, they copy and paste and the client is none the wiser…everyone’s happy then…or are they?

I don’t think your clients will be particularly overjoyed to learn that you are unable to deliver the ‘free’ service you are offering and you have employed another agency to do the work for you, another finger in the pie so to speak. Imagine what would happen if every company started to advertise services that in reality they cannot offer? An airline offering flights, but have no planes, an hotel offering a spa when in reality its a Jacuzzi… an agency offering a ‘Free Venue Finding Service’ and then passing it on to any company that will take it on…do you see a pattern emerging here?

Honesty is by far the best policy, if you cannot provide a service, do not pretend you can…be honest, upfront and professional, tell your client you can’t help with that particular aspect of an event…and ultimately leave it to the professionals…us! 

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