Conferences and events are a major investment and it is important that you are able to analyse that investment and a key way of doing that is to review the feedback from delegates. Your event may be a sales conference, product launch or party, in all cases it is good to measure how successful it was based on the objectives that you have set.

For one Association client we prepared a survey to be sent to invitees pre-event asking about their hopes for the event, thoughts on the programme, reason for attending and so on. The survey was then sent after the conference to analyse how happy they were with the conference, including location, venue, how much did they learn, value for money and of course the programme and speakers. It is only with proper review of this delegate feedback that you are able to maximise attendance and interest in the future and plan the next conference – venue finding, conference planning, budget negotiation, social events all come in to play.

So, whatever type of event you plan feedback from all participants is really important when you plan for the future.

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