Hi there

I'm having a coffee as I type this to try and warm up - the snow has gone outside but it's still pretty cold. Naturally, having come from Ireland, I'm only used to heat waves and droughts!!

Why am I happy? Well following on from Jacqui's note below I have the absolute pleasure of working with Sussex Enterprise again this year on their Annual Conference. Jess and the other staff I come into contact with, are so nice to work with I'm really looking forward to working on this Conference. This year I will have the lovely Kate from TCP running the exhibition side which will be a great help to me.

Apart from Sussex Enterprise, I am also working with Graham from Co-operatives UK on their annual Congress event and exhibition. Again, I am very lucky to be working with Graham as he is such a pleasant man.

On a final note I can't believe it's nearly the end of January! It's gone sooooo quickly. At this rate the shops will have their Christmas decorations up again soon.

Take care


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