It’s not all black and white for green events.

Sustainability, the environment and green issues are current ‘hot’ topics for us all and the events industry is no exception.

The Conference People have made it our key initiative for 2007 and we do everything to operate our business in an environmentally sympathetic way. This includes all the obvious things like re-cycling, energy saving and paying the carbon debt for travel but also with our on-line Delegate Management System. This is a totally paperless means of dealing with the entire registration process for a conference or event.

But, of course, organising sustainable events means managing venues, travel companies, design, AV – every supplier and provider to the conference industry. Easier said than done, we are constantly surveying all venues that we use and many have no ‘green policy’ or even appreciate the opportunity or its importance.

It’s about time we all took this seriously – it’s not going to go away!

The trouble is for the events business that there are so many levels of ‘green events’. It might be first using low energy light bulbs or it might be exclusively sourcing local organic produce. And there are many things in between.

Repaying the carbon debt on the flights for a European Sales Conference for 200 delegates will cost £6.00 per flight. Not everyone is happy with this addition to their event budget.

The Conference People are able to offer a menu of recommendations and opportunities to make your event more or less carbon neutral, sustainable or at least a shade of green.

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