My name's Jacqui. To give my full title, I'm Jacqui Doyle, Business Manager. I've been here since the summer of 1998 when I came for two weeks work experience and never left!!!

I started off working in Event Management, and worked my way up from an administrator to managing my own events. Then I moved into Venue Finding, did a stint in sales, and now do what I do now.

What do I do now? After being awarded the ISO 9001 in February this year, when I was on maternity leave (more on that later!) I'm responsible for ensuring all this is kept up to date. Together with Robert and Matt - I prepare most of the tenders for new business, and get a real kick when TCP are awarded contracts which I've been involved with during the tender process. This alone keeps me out of mischief! But to make sure I'm kept busy all the time ;-) I also look after the office diary and staff holidays etc. I help out both venue finding and event management when the need arises, especially helping Robert when he's running events.

Personally - I got married in February 2002 (though keep my maiden name at work), had my first daughter, Isabel in September 2003 and my second (and last!!!) daughter, Rebecca in March 2006 - hence missing the actual ISO 9001 awards ceremony! They are both gorgeous (biased - moi?!). Am a huge Robbie Williams fan (!) and got a signed framed photo for my birthday this week!!

More from me later - got a tender to do...........

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