So January is finally nearly over and I for one am looking forward to February. Not just because it is the month of my birthday but also because it really feels like the year has begun properly once it's February (ok, so maybe it is just because it's my birthday!).

As always The Conference People are keeping busy. I am off to Bakewell this week for another planning meeting with the PDNPA, followed by 2 days in Berlin with the boss and our clients from Pricewaterhouse Coopers. Last year saw us do a fantastic job of the administration for the Eurofirms Advisory event in Disneyland Paris ( for PwC and we are delighted to be working with them on the same event this year. We have also been asked to take on the Event Management for a 4 day training course they are organising in Berlin. I am really looking forward to taking on the role of Event Manager for this event. Not least because we get to stay at the Grand Hyatt, Berlin ( and visit the Mandala Hotel which, although I don't know it well, looks fantastic, and has a great website!

On a completely different note I am about to embark on the adventure that is moving house. All being well I have finally sold my flat and as a result made myself homeless! Now I just wait for the paperwork to go through and start trawling the property websites for a suitable new home. It is a strange feeling giving up your home for somebody else and not quite knowing where you are going to end up! But of course very exciting! If anyone has some good moving stories I would love to hear them!

Well that is my update for now - more soon.


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