Well, 2007 is truly underway now - and it's busy busy busy here as usual! I'm looking forward to 2007 for lots of reasons, we've got some exciting projects on the go here including  exciting tender proposals which we're working on. Lots of repeat business as well as new Clients which is always good! I'll keep you updated!

Talking about repeat Clients - we were delighted to be awarded the repeat contract to run the 2007 Sussex Enterprise conference and exhibition (www.sussexenterprise.co.uk) I'm sure Phil Coates, will give you all more detail on that soon!

We're all very excited about the upcoming launch of our brand new website, including the launch of a new logo! Watch this space for the live date! www.confpeople.co.uk

My main reason for looking forward to this year is because my youngest daughter celebrates her first birthday in March - I can't believe where the time has gone! It seems like only yesterday she was a tiny little baby - now she's hesitantly taking her first steps which is incredibly exciting and emotional!

It's also my 5th wedding anniversary next month - traditionally the gift for a 5th wedding anniversary is wood - so am expecting a new wooden spoon from the hubby!!! ;-) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedding_anniversary)

Right that's about it for now - better get back to work, as have got the rest of the week off - yippee!


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