It’s never too soon to think about a party!

We’ve been asked to organise more Christmas Parties now at this stage of the year than ever! Perhaps it’s because people know we will deserve (need?) a good time at the end of this Brexit Year - if it’s actually Brexit after all!

Whatever the reason we have more great ideas for party venues than ever before and to suit literally every budget. And we are finding that there are some brilliant deals available. Our Free Venue Finding Service includes every type of event and there’s no restriction with the location or your number of guests.

You might prefer a ‘Joiner Party’ with everything including entertainment built on to a package or a bespoke party just for your company or organisation.

Some of the most popular dates are filling up fast so do let us know if you’re starting to plan your celebrations now! 

Call us now on 01323 644644 / 0800 849 1042 or email the team on or I would love to hear from you myself; 

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