Brexit didn’t happen last Friday 29th then, no surprise after the endless shenanigans #arepoliticiansreal. It’s such a critical time that we are living in and honestly you go through so many emotions - frustration and anger - amongst them. What a failure of our political system.

Of course, we can only get on with things as they are at the moment and in spite of Brexit or No Brexit The Conference People have been busier than ever. Our Venue Finding Team are working on some amazing new events, both in the UK and in far flung corners of the world. Including in Mexico where we haven’t worked for three years, The Philippines and we’ve just confirmed our third conference in Japan this year. Not forgetting lots of lovely conferences and events closer to home, many in unusual venues, the UK is a treasure trove of new ideas and amazing, original buildings.

We find that more than ever at the moment it’s about understanding the brief and event objectives, truly comprehensive venue searching, having the most up to date information, negotiating added value and maximising budgets. The Conference People have specialists skilled with every type of event and with accurate venue knowledge and insider intelligence wherever you plan your next conference.


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