1. Location, location, location…
It really has to be the starting point – sometimes guest access is the most important consideration or it might be the style or setting that is paramount. Just tell us your preferences and our venue finders will deal with everything you need.

2. Will you need natural daylight?
If you are going to use projectors, screens and audio visual then it’s a good idea not to have too much daylight in your meeting room. But some natural light can relieve the stress of being in a dark room all day.

3. Is the room large enough?
Sometimes venues assume that numbers will be lower and don’t allow sufficient space. It is important to make sure that conference delegates have enough area to network and feel comfortable and not to be crammed on top of each other.

4. Where will the catering/exhibition be in relation to the meeting room?
It’s important that your delegates feel comfortable at the venue and that the flow of delegates is good between the meeting room, breakout rooms, catering/exhibition areas and the toilets.

5. Will you need tables and will they fit in comfortably?
This is a key decision that affects the size of meeting room that you will need to specify. Will delegates need to make a lot of notes or review papers? If so then either ‘schoolroom’ style or ‘cabaret’ style will be preferred. You can find out here the space required for each set up.

6. Will the room be quiet?
Traffic, aeroplanes, building work or noise from other meetings or events. We all know how easy it is to be distracted. It’s really worth keeping this in mind when you look at the options. If there is building work going on at the venue can it be halted for the duration of your event. And are they planning anything that may affect you?

7. Will the venue provide the right level of service for your event and do they respond efficiently to you now?
The Conference People venue finding service provides what we like to think of as venue intelligence on every location that we propose and this includes inside information on venue performance, value for money and delegate satisfaction.

8. Is there wifi and sufficient power in the room?
Good bandwidth WiFi is not an optional extra now it is expected by everyone. It’s not always available though and many meeting areas are tucked away and may not have a quality signal. It can be a big source of delegate and speaker frustration and is often required during presentations themselves.

9. Does the facility match your agreed budget?
One of the most contentious and key issues is making sure that you get the best value for your budget. The Conference People really come into our own here and using our experience of past events, market conditions we will offer impartial advice and negotiate the best deal with added venue wherever possible.

10. Can you arrange a site visit?
We recommend that you visit your chosen shortlisted venue to make sure that you are happy. Once The Conference People have completed the comprehensive search process it’s always good to see the room for yourself. 

Call us today on 01323 644644 or email us venues@confpeople.co.uk with your next meeting requirement!

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