Where do you start when you want to find the right venue for your conference or event?

Robert Enefer tells us about the benefits that 45 years in the Meetings business bring and why we take it so personally.

Our role in life is to match the requirements and objectives for your event with the perfect venue with the very best price. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But if you’ve tried to do this yourself it usually isn’t!

Of course, you could use the internet to look for ideas, but you don’t usually get the whole picture or know how good venues really are. It can be a laborious, time consuming business and how will you know that you have the best deal or that there isn’t that ideal venue that you have missed.

The Conference People take every request for our free venue finding service personally, we care passionately about giving you the very best range of venues to consider. This applies to literally any conference, meeting or event and in the UK or anywhere!

So, the first thing that we do is listen – to understand your brief, your preferences and budget so that we follow your requirements in detail.

Then we start a search process using our very own database, called AVenue, naturally we use some automation to support our work but at the end of the day choosing a venue is personal so every venue is inspected by us and we glean industry intelligence from events that we book, trade press and continual meetings with the MICE industry. We don’t just click a few buttons and see what venues appear, everything we do is bespoke and prepared for you!

When we receive details from venues we check everything and negotiate so that you will have not only the best rates and prices but also added value – free car parking, room upgrades, enhanced food and so on. We don’t stop until we are sure that we have the best deal for you.

You will expect to receive a detailed proposal in 24 hours giving you all the information that you’ll need to make an informed choice to shortlist your preferences. Then, using that information, we can discuss things in greater depth, negotiate further and arrange for you to visit to make a personal inspection. All of this is designed to support you in the very best way so that you are able to make an informed decision on which venue is the right one for your event!

We will then produce a confirmation summarising everything you need which is signed by you and we send it to your chosen venue. At that point we take a step back, so that you can liaise directly with the venue but don’t disappear and can contact us if you need anything else at all. We run and manage events too, but that’s a different story!

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