A & B: An abbreviation that many conference venues use for Accommodation & Breakfast.

a la Carte: French term which means "from the menu." As each item is individually priced "a la Carte" menus are not usually used for larger conferences and events.

Accompanying Person: Guest, partner or spouse of an attendee. Usually required to pay an accompanying person reduced rate when registering.

Act of God: An extraordinary natural event such as extreme weather, flood, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquake or similar natural disaster that cannot be reasonably foreseen or prevented over which a contracting party has no reasonable control, making performance of the contract illegal, impracticable or impossible, thus the parties have no legal responsibility to continue performance of the contract.

Adjoining Rooms: Hotel bedrooms which have connecting doors. Ideal for families attending events.

Advance Deposit: Amount of money paid to secure a hotel room, conference venue or event management service in advance (see also deposit)

Advance Registration: Booking before an event takes places. Allows attendees to register for an event before it actually takes place. Often at a lower or "early-bird" rate.

After dinner entertainment: Exciting entertainment to engage your guests after the formalities.

Agent: In terms of the event management industry, it is the company given responsibility to act and manage on behalf of the client. The Conference People are a Full Service Agency, offering both Event Management and Venue Finding services.

Agenda: A list of speakers, timings and presentations given to conference delegates as part of the pre-registration or on-site registration.

Airport Hotel: Hotel located near a major airport; usually designed for business travellers but most have good conference facilities.

Amenity: Often complimentary items in bedrooms such as writing supplies, bathrobes, fruit baskets, shower caps, shampoo and shoe shine mitt provided by facility for guests. Be careful though, some hotels will be charging for these items (it's generally frowned upon to take the bathrobe home!)

Appetiser: Small, bite-size food served before a gala dinner, usually whilst seated, to whet and excite the palate.

Attendees: An individual registered for, or participating in any conference or event. Includes delegates, exhibitors, media, speakers, and guests.

Attendance: The overall total number of people at an event.

Auditorium: Often raked seating similar to university lecture theatres. Many auditoriums are exceptional conference venues and provide excellent audio-visual facilities.

AV: Audiovisual Event production, equipment and materials used in sound and visual presentations. E.g. television monitors, projectors, video, sound equipment, etc.

AV Contractor: Supplier of technical staff and audiovisual equipment (e.g. projectors, screens, sound systems, video, and staging).

AV Technician: An audiovisual professional who is responsible on-site for lighting, sound, video, staging or other similar elements of a conference or event. Most conference venues have onsite or preferred suppliers that can assist with basic AV requirements.


B & B: Bed and Breakfast. Although more commonly known as Accommodation and Breakfast (or A&B) in Venue Finding terms. This is a rate given by hotels and not to be confused with small Bed and Breakfast accommodation.

Back Projection: An audio visual term. Projecting from the rear of the stage set so the projector cannot be seen. Usually a technique employed for larger stage sets. Requires approximately three additional meters of space behind the stage set.

Badge: Identifying sign, tag or emblem worn by event participants. Name badges can be produced by The Conference People before the event and also onsite to the same high standard.

Banquet Set-Up: Seating arrangement where typically a grouping of rounds is set in such a way as to facilitate the serving of food.

Beamer: another name for an LCD projector, audio visual equipment – not your neighbour's BMW!

Bespoke Online Delegate Registration: The Conference People have developed the industries finest and most flexible web based delegate administration system. Unlike so many "off the shelf" systems, there are no limitations to the design and complexity of the event registration process.

Boardroom Set-Up: Seating arrangement in which rectangle or oval shaped tables are set up with chairs on both sides and ends.

Break-Out Sessions: Small group sessions, panels, workshops or presentations, offered concurrently within the event, formed to focus on specific subjects.

Break: Short interval between sessions at which time coffee, tea and/or other refreshments are served.

Business Centre: Area in hotel or event venue offering various office facilities and services.

Business Centre Services: Services that will allow attendees to keep in touch with their office (phone, printing, message, etc.)

Business Attire: Business suits or jackets with shirts and ties for men and day dresses or suits for women; usually taken to mean office and not recreational wear.  Can include informal forms of national dress.  


Cabaret Style Seating: Seating around tables with a gap closest to the stage so that no delegates have their backs to the front.

Canapés: A small appetiser often served before a meal and eaten with the fingers. Can be hot or cold.

Cancellation Clause: Terms by which a contract may be cancelled and the subsequent penalties incurred by the cancelling party.

Catering Room: A room separate from the main function room and used solely for food and beverage.

Cash Bar: Private bar at which guests are required to make individual payment for drinks ordered.

Caterer: A mobile supplier of food and beverage who provides their service at various venues on request. Can also be contracted to provide services exclusively to a particular venue

Catering: The provision of food and beverage.

Ceiling Height: The distance from floor to ceiling in a conference venue. High ceilings are particular important if you want a stage set.

Central Console: Desk usually positioned in the centre of the conference floor space, facing the stage, from which a production crew operated various AV equipment.

Centrepiece: Decorative item for the centre of a banquet table.

Charter: Private use of a form of transport such as train, airplane or boat.

Check-In: Process for hotel guests on arrival at a hotel.

Check-In Time: Time from which hotel can register guests and provide room key. Usually 3pm.

Check-Out: Process for hotel guest on final departure from a hotel.

Check-Out Time: Time by which bedroom must be vacated and accommodation bill settled, usually 11am.

Chef's Choice: Dish/Dishes chosen by the chef for their suitability, often based on factors such as season and dining requirements.

Classroom Set-Up: Tables arranged in rows facing the stage with seating positioned behind each table so that the delegate is directly facing the front of the room. In a similar lay out to an old fashioned classroom.

Client: The individual, company, firm, body, agent or person booking the event

Coeliac: medical condition which requires a gluten-free diet.

Continental Breakfast: Light morning meal often including pastries, cereals, fruit juices, and hot beverages.

Column: A pillar which may support a roof or other structures. May restrict view for delegates in conference room layouts.

Commission: A payment made to an individual or organisation for bringing business to another individual or organisation. This is standard procedure in the events industry. You will never pay more to a venue as a result of using The Conference People.

Compensation: A form of recompense to make up for some sort of loss or shortfall to contract.

Conference Call: A phone call which links up various phone lines in order that three or more parties may have a simultaneous conversation.

Conference Telephone: A telephone enabled for conference calls (see 'conference call').

Confirmation: The oral or written verification by a client that a booking is to go ahead. Usually followed by a contract. You'll always get a written confirmation when booking a venue through The Conference People.

Complimentary: (or Comp.) Service, or item provided free of charge.

Complimentary Room: A bedroom or function room provided free of charge.

Concierge: Venue staff whose role is to provide an assistive service (tickets, travel information, restaurant booking) for venue guests.

Conference Centre: A venue which provides a dedicated environment for events, especially small events. May be certified by the International Association of Conference Centres.

Conference Pack/Kit: Conference documentation and/or event materials generally contained within a bag, binder, envelope or folder. Usually handed to delegates during event registration.

Contract: Legally binding document in which the client agrees to the terms and conditions set by a venue.

Corkage: A charge applied by a venue to a client when bringing their own alcohol on site. The charge is normally made per bottle.

Crew: Usually refers to the event production team and often includes, technicians, stagehands and truck loaders, etc.

Critical Time Plan: An event management planning tool which identifies tasks to be undertaken by whom and in what time-frame in order to ensure an event runs successfully


DB&B: Dinner, Bed and Breakfast.

Dance Floor: Usually wooden floored area designated for dancing.

Database: A collection of information on all prospective attendees and/or exhibitors.

Data Protection Act: UK Law regarding the rights and responsibilities of those dealing with personal data. The Conference People are registered under the DPA.

Day Delegate Rate (DDR): Rate charged by a venue per delegate per day based on a full day meeting. This rate will usually include meeting room hire, two or three refreshment breaks, lunch and sometimes conference equipment (flipchart, screen etc).

Delegate: The person attending the meeting or event.

Delegate Management System (DMS): The Conference People have developed the industries finest and most flexible web based delegate administration system. Unlike so many "off the shelf" systems, there are no limitations to the design and complexity of the event registration process.

Departure Time: Time at which individuals plan to leave a venue.

Deposit: A partial payment made in advance of a booking in order to secure.

Destination Management Company (DMC): The Conference People provide this for UK events.

Dress Code: Preferred style of dress for an event usually requested by event organiser.


Early Bird Registration: Registration for an event i.e. conference, received before a specified date, usually at a reduced fee. The Conference People can build this into your personal automated Delegate Management System for your event.

Entertainment: A show or performance of some kind designed to amuse and entertain an audience.

Event: An arranged occasion, examples include meeting, convention, exhibition, conference, special event, gala dinner, etc. All of which can be professionally organised by The Conference People Event Management Team.

Exclusive Use: Hire of a venue or area of venue for your private use.

Exhibition: An event (can be free or a chargeable event) where suppliers can showcase their products and services.

Exhibition Plan: Document showing areas to be occupied by the exhibition; the spaces intended for booths/stands and those for walkways, catering etc.

Exhibitor: 1) Organisation that showcases its products or services at an exhibition. 2) Event attendee whose responsibility is to staff their exhibition stand.

Exhibit Booth/Stand: Specifically measured area of exhibition plan for individual or organisation to showcase their products and services. Its size depends on the number of exhibitors and the room capacity. Can be space only or constructed shell-scheme. Exhibitors often pay to use this space.


Fairtrade: Way of trading that ensures small farmers in developing countries receive fair market price for their products enabling them to improve and maintain a decent standard of living.

Feedback: The process of sharing thoughts and observations – can be positive or negative. A useful event management tool to improve events.

Fire Exit: Door or passageway, clear of obstructions, designed by local authorities for exit from a building or structure in the event of an emergency such as fire.

First Aid: Emergency care or treatment administered to an ill or injured person before regular medical care is available. Term can also be used to define the area where such emergency care is provided. All The Conference People Event Managers are qualified to administer basic First Aid.

First Option: When a venue reserves space e.g. conference rooms or bedrooms for a specified time, that are not yet contracted for, giving the client time to decide if the venue is right for them. The interested party is also given first refusal to confirm a tentative space reservation if there is demand from another group.

Floor plan: the 'blueprint' of a room, including electrical points, doors, windows, pillars and other amenities.  Also relates to dinner table plans, particularly when dealing with large numbers.

Forum: A meeting or breakout session within a meeting where participants have open discussions on subjects of public interest or of interest to their particular sector.

Fork Buffet: Food served at an event that requires only a fork and not a knife. Often used during a conference for speed of service.

Food & Beverage (F&B): Any catering service provided by a venue during an event i.e. refreshment breaks, lunch, drinks reception.

Foyer Area: Public area in a venue. Often at the front of a venue or outside larger meeting rooms and used for catering or registration purposes.

Front Projection: (FP.) Projection of an image onto the front surface of a light reflecting screen from a projector placed within or behind the audience.

Full English Breakfast: A traditionally British breakfast consisting of tea, coffee, juices, toast and hot foods such as fried eggs, bacon, sausages, baked beans, mushrooms, tomatoes.

Full Onsite Event Management: When The Conference People are at an event then our event management team really come into their own. Our experienced event staff will plan your event in the finest detail, producing an Event Operations Programme to ensure every eventuality is covered, and on the occasion when the unexpected happens, we are masters at responding quickly, responsibly and creatively.

Function Board: Notice board or video screen listing the day's events, times and locations within a venue.


Gala Dinner: Primary social function of an event, usually in the evening and often on the last day of the event. Typically includes entertainment or speeches following a formal meal.

Get-in: the specified time for crew and staff to access a venue for set-up.

Green Events: Broad guidelines for a greener event are that it should be organised electronically, minimise carbon emissions for travelling delegates and speakers, save energy, practice recycling, and adopt environmentally-thoughtful measures wherever practical and possible.

Group Arrivals/Departures: Schedule of information which includes approximate dates and times of arrival and departure of groups of event attendees. This allows the venue to prepare front desk staff for check-in and check-out. Schedule often supplied by nominated event management company using collated delegate information.

Group Booking: Reservation for a block of bedrooms specifically for a group from the same organisation or for the same event.

Group Rate: Confirmed negotiated bedroom rate extended to attendees from the same group often attending the same event. The Conference People Venue Finding Team are specialists in negotiating reduced group rates for your event.

Guaranteed Late Arrival: Bedroom that is guaranteed by credit card or advance payment in the event that a guest is intending to arrive at the hotel later than the hotel's pre-determined arrival time.


Halal Food: Catering prepared according to Islamic Law including meat slaughtered in a particular manner and permissible food.

Handout: Material that can be informative or educational given to the audience before, during or after a speaker's presentation. More often than not this is now presented online (intranet, event site) for download, or on memory stick rather than the more traditional paper handouts.

Herringbone Layout: Seating arrangement in which chairs are arranged in rows slanted in a V shape (at a 45˚angle) and separated by a centre aisle.

House Wine: Wine selected by a hotel or restaurant to be their standard product when no particular brand is specified. Often the lowest price wine on the menu.

Housekeeping: Department within a venue responsible for cleaning a venue. These departments often offer other services such as guest laundry.

24 Hour rate (24hr): This is a rate that is quoted per delegate based on one night's accommodation either prior to or on the day of the conference. Typical 24hr rate includes a three course dinner, bed and breakfast as well as a full day meeting typically from 09:00 – 17:30. Also included will be two to three servings of tea and coffee, lunch, equipment such as a flip chart, an LCD projector, screen and of course the main meeting room hire. In 2015, due to their immense buying power, The Conference People saved clients on average 35% on published 24hr rates.

8 Hour Seats: Dedicated conference chairs designed to be comfortable for duration of a meeting, typically 8 hours.

Hollow Square Layout: Set-up of seats and tables set in a square (or rectangle) with chairs placed around the outside of the tables. Can also be set-up without tables.


In-House: Service provided within the conference venue.

Incentive Travel: A travel reward given by companies to employees to stimulate productivity.

Incidentals: Expenses other than room and tax, billed to a guest's account (e.g. phone, movies, room service, etc.).

Incentive: Reward offered by employers to stimulate greater effort.

Interpreter: An individual who translates during a meeting, presentation or conference. We can help you arrange this if it's needed.

Interpretation booth: individual, enclosed area for interpreter to sit during simultaneous translation.

Invoice: An itemised bill, including prices, of goods and services sold or provided.


Junior Suite: A hotel room in a hotel that features a separate living-sitting area (although not necessarily a separate room), in addition to the bedroom.


Keynote: Opening remarks or presentation at a meeting that sets the tone or theme of the event and motivates attendees.

Keynote Address: A session that opens or highlights the show, meeting or event.

Keynote Speaker: A headline speaker whose presentation establishes the theme or tone of the event. Often a public figure.

Kosher: Food prepared according to Jewish dietary laws.


Laser Pointer: A small visible light laser used for pointing out features on a projected visual display.

LCD: Liquid Crystal Display. A monitor used for displaying film and data during presentations and events

LCD Projector: A self-contained unit with a LCD (liquid crystal display) panel, used for projecting images from a pc. Many conference venues have them available.

Lead Time: The time between the initial venue enquiry and when an event actually happens at a conference venue.

Lectern: A stand placed at the front of the conference room on which a speaker may rest notes or books. Can be free-standing or table-top and often fitted with a light

Lobby: Public area which is often at the entrance to an event facility, meeting venue or conference hotel. May be used for delegate registration, catering and exhibition.


Maître d'/Maître d' Hôtel: The person in charge of a Restaurant or function. Responsible for all aspects of meal service and guest satisfaction. This applies at every event venue.

Master of Ceremonies or Toastmaster: A link between the venue, client and guests who will organise the formalities of your event. Eg calling guests to dinner and announcing speeches.

Maximum Capacity: Maximum number of people allowed in any given area. Use our room capacity calculator here.

MIA: Meetings Industry Association – our trade body. Robert Enefer is a founder member.

Minimum Guaranteed Numbers: Means the lowest number of chargeable guests/delegates for the accommodation and food and beverage as specified in the contract for the event.

Motivational Speaker: Professional speaker who makes speeches intending to uplift / motivate audiences.


Networking: The exchange of information or services among individuals, groups or institutions. This can be done face to face or online for example sites like Linkedin.

Non-Refundable Fare: Most commonly refers to an airline fare or in some cases a rail fare that once issued cannot be refunded. Some Airlines and Rail Companies may allow a portion of the fare to be carried over for future travel. Often the cheapest fares.

Non-Smoking Area: Venue, area or room strictly prohibiting smoking.

Non-Transferable: Once the ticket is issued, no name changes are allowed.

No-Show: Hotel guest or delegate who has a reservation and does not advise the hotel that they are not going to use it.

Nouvelle Cuisine: French for 'new cooking', referring to a culinary style, which moved away from the rich, heavy style of classic French cuisine toward fresher, lighter food served in much smaller portions.

Neck Microphone: Small, light and easily moveable microphone that is worn around the neck.


Operational Programme: The Conference People's event blueprint is second to none. We excel in providing our clients with highly detailed information from the initial planning stages right through to post event analysis.

On Consumption: Amount on the invoice which details what was actually used, for example how many bottles of wine were consumed or how many internet minutes were used.

Online Forum: online community where visitors may read and post topics.

Online Registration: The Conference People's bespoke online registration system is the simplest and fastest way for our clients to register on an event.

On-Site Office: Room or an area set aside for the event organisers to use as a temporary office.

Overbooked: 1) A Hotel accepting bedroom reservations for more hotel bedrooms than are available. 2) Oversold airline flights.

Overbooking: Common practice within hotels and airlines where they overbook bedrooms/seats on flights to compensate for the number of no-show passengers and non-arrivals.

Overhead Projector (OHP): Presentation equipment historically found in classrooms and conference rooms, now replaced with LCD projectors.

On-Site Event Manager: Means the venue's or The Conference People's Event Manager.


Partner / Spouse Programme: Organised social and/or educational events arranged for the guests of the event delegates.

Pillow Gift: An in-room amenity left in the evening while an event is underway, that the attendee will discover upon returning to the room. Can be gifts from sponsors, etc. Venues will usually charge a nominal amount per room to do this.

Podium: Raised platform where a speaker stands when delivering his or her remarks.

Pro Forma Invoice: An invoice provided by a supplier prior to the provision of the service.

Pre-Registration: Booking before an event takes places. Allows attendees to register for an event before it actually takes place. Often at a lower rate.

Proposal: Produced in response to an enquiry, it will match all the clients requirements and detail costs, availability and venue specifications. Our team of venue finding specialists turn an enquiry into a detailed proposal in 24 hours for UK enquiries and 48 hours for overseas. (did we mention that this service is also free?!).

Per Room Rate: Cost given per room regardless of the amount of guests occupying it.

Podcast: An event that broadcasts the audio and/or video portion of a keynote presentation or other educational sessions over the Web in on-demand.


Q&A: Dedicated time after a presentation or after a meeting set aside for question and answers.

Questionnaire: A tool for gathering information by asking a series of questions, usually online.


Refurbishment: Updating a venue by redecoration to make it look more aesthetically pleasing or more substantial work to maintain and fix any substandard areas of a venue.

Registration Area: Area set aside solely for event registration.

Registration Fee: Cost of attending a conference, fees can vary according to the time of registration, level of participation and also membership type.

Registration Form: A form provided to capture delegate information and enables a delegate to sign up for an event. Primarily online although some organisations still prefer a paper form.

Registration Pack: Information provided for the attendee of the event, materials such as location maps, agenda, programme and badges. This is usually emailed.

Risk Assessment / Management: Assessing the possibility of injury or loss to the person attending the conference. Also making sure there is adequate insurance covering every eventuality. We provide a detailed Risk Assessment for every event we manage.

Room Set-Up: The layout and arrangement of a meeting room specified by the client using equipment, chairs, tables and other furniture.

Rooming List: Comprehensive accommodation list showing names, arrival, departure dates, any special requirements and billing instructions.

Room hire rate: the cost of hiring a meeting room exclusive of catering and equipment.

Restaurant Lunch: Lunch which is taken in the venue's restaurant.

Regional Flights: Flights that depart or arrive at regional airports.

Room Turnover: Amount of time needed to tear down and reset a function room from one layout to another, from one event to another - for example a meeting room turned over for an evening dinner.


Upgrade: When you're allocated a better room / flight complimentary.

Unusual venues: Can include venues such as museums, castles and stately homes, boats, sporting venues, vineyards, aircraft hangers - even a coalmine! Many have conference rooms. If you're looking for an unusual venue - call us free 0800 849 1042!

U-Shape Layout: Style of a conference room in a u-shape layout, also know as horseshoe, this can set up with or without tables.


Value Added: you automatically get this when you choose TCP. From free parking, free wi-fi, upgraded rooms, upgraded coffee breaks to free spa treatments!

Venue Finding: sourcing the right venue for an event. Contact the experienced team at The Conference People.

VAT: Value Added Tax. In every proposal The Conference People send, our Clients will always informed as to what items include or exclude VAT.

Vegan: An individual who does not eat any foods of animal origins. This includes meat, fish and dairy foods.

Vegetarian / Vegetarian option: An individual who does not eat meat. This should always be included in the final contract of the hotel/venue so that they can cater for your needs.

Venue: A place to hold your meeting, exhibition, conference etc.

Video Conference: A meeting which takes place between delegates that are not located in the same area/town etc. This can be organised in any venue with the aid of specific audio visual equipment.

VIP: Your MD, CEO, keynote speaker etc.

Venue Inspection: This will be arranged through The Conference People venue finding department, in order for you to view the facilities before final confirmation. One of our event managers can also accompany you on this visit. 


Wait-list: Term used when a specific date already has an interested party who are holding space provisionally, the new client will then be waitlisted (also known as 2nd option). Or when an event is fully booked, new delegates wanting to register are held on a waitlist for cancellations.

Webcast: An event that broadcasts the audio and/or video portion of a keynote presentation or other educational sessions over the internet live.

Web Conferencing: Web browser-based video-conferencing.

Welcome Reception: The opening of an event where welcome drinks and canapés etc are served.

Workshop: This is a term given to areas/rooms that are allocated in addition to the main plenary session; they can consist of team-building exercises, informal sessions of free discussions or training sessions in which delegates, often develop skills and knowledge in a given field.

Wi-fi (Wireless internet): This is the common term for a high speed internet access that is 'wireless'. As it names suggests you are cable free.

Working Buffet Lunch (WBL): A selection of finger foods taken in the meeting room to enable delegates to keep working.

Working Sandwich Lunch (WSL): A selection of sandwiches taken in the meeting room to enable delegates to keep working.


Xtraordinary service: by The Conference People.


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Zero: What it costs you to use our free venue finding service!