What we offer

Event management 

Our service is entirely bespoke.  Whether you need help from the initial planning stages though to delivering the event, or just help on the day - we're the team for you!

Our list of Clients is varied and exciting.  From blue chip corporations to public sector organisations to third sector companies and charities.  

We're very aware of the risks associated with managing any live event or conference.  Before every event we manage, a comprehensive risk assessment is carried out to ensure a safe event. We believe the health and safety of your delegates, your staff, our own team and crew is paramount.  This will take into account every elements of your event whether it’s a one day conference in city centre, or a seven day safari.

Event planning

Your Event Manager will attend the planning meetings for the event.  We will produce a Critical Time Plan, pull together an event Budget, and once more information is finalised, draw up an Operational Programme.  This is a highly detailed briefing document containing not least, points of contact, access and set up times, timings, room layouts, catering, approved signatories, account instructions and emergency information. It is the 'blue print' of the event - from rehearsals and setting up - through to the departure of the last delegate and crew. The venue and all sub-contractors will work to this programme and will liaise with your Event Manager. This important document really is the key to a successful event and highlights the attention to detail and hours of planning that your event manager has poured into your event. Throughout the planning process we’ll keep you informed every step of the way, consulting with you regularly. 

Delegate management

We've developed a flexible web based delegate administration system.  Click here to find out more!

  • The system can link with any website already operating
  • Can contain links to location maps / programmes
  • Personalised email can be sent out to all registered delegates from the database – useful for reminders / programme changes
  • All data can be used to produce reports

On the day support 

Your Event Manager and support team will arrive at the venue in time to set up the registration and meeting arrangements.  Our staff will act as information points for the duration of the event for any enquiries. We recognise that even with the best laid plans the unexpected can happen. This is when we come in to our own. We will anticipate such events and react accordingly to ensure the success of the conference. We are entirely flexible and are able to work innovatively with your Project Team in any other tasks required to ensure the smooth running of your conference. All our Event Managers have certificates in First Aid training. Your dedicated Event Manager will remain by you from the time you appoint us through delivery – we are experts at lateral thinking and relish the opportunity to work as part of a team for your benefit. 

AV support 

You might be holding your meeting in a purpose built training room that already has plenty of equipment and support built into the room, or already provided - for example an LCD projector and screen. Or you might be holding your company conference in a hotel room that has nothing, and you need the full stage, screen, lecterns and on-site support. Our in-house conference production and AV team can assist you from basic audiovisual requirements to full-scale production sets. We can produce conceptual ideas with visual art work and detailed costings to support these. We use the latest CAD technology to present our ideas to you. We’ll leave nothing to the imagination so you can really understand how your stage set or exhibition will look.

Conference Apps

We can also arrange personalised conference apps.  Call us for more information!

Design, print, badges

We work with an associate in-house company for all our design requirements, and can take responsibility for the design, production and delivery of all promotional and conference material for your event. We work closely with your project team to provide assistance wherever necessary. This could include flyers, posters, programmes and delegate packs, that will be sympathetic to your corporate brand guidelines.  Of course, for a 'green event' all of this can be produced and sent electronically!  

Your logo on quality badges

From simple laminated clip design to security bar-coded badges. Our conference badge making facility enables us to produce high quality event name badges pre-event and replicate the same quality instantly on-site at the event.


We can manage every aspect of your exhibition. Our team can assist with exhibition sales, provide a comprehensive exhibitors manual, liaise with exhibitors regarding all administrative aspects, design and build your exhibition arena and manage your visitors on-site.

Our design team are great at creating interactive and unusual exhibitions. Where possible we try and use the exhibition space in a way that will excite and engage your audience. We can create beautiful exhibition areas at the same cost as the standard 3x2m schemes. Just get in touch and we’ll provide a quotation, a colour visual and a 3D “fly through” the event exhibition area.

We provide specialist advice -

  • Creating the right area
  • Design and build
  • Exhibition sales
  • Risk assessments


We understand the importance of finding the right entertainment to suit your brand, your event and your delegates. Our wealth of event management experience means we can help you arrange -

  • Access to personalities and entertainers
  • Unusual and exciting venues
  • Partners’ programmes
  • Team building
  • Corporate hospitality
  • After-dinner speakers
  • Magicians
  • Bands & discos
  • DJ's
  • Themed parties
  • Catering


Working with our associate company‚ we can look after all your travel requirements -

  • Right availability at competitive fares
  • Exclusive charter aircraft & luxury stretch limos
  • Group check-ins
  • Airport transfers


Once we’ve helped you find the perfect venue our team can manage your bedroom allocation to ensure your delegates have everything covered. Securing a good rate for your delegates can be challenging - this is where we can help!

Our venue finding teams are highly trained in negotiation.

  • Arrange and manage bedroom allocations
  • Select hotels in various price ranges
  • Negotiate preferential rates
  • Send confirmation of booking direct to delegates

Green Event Management

Green events 

At The Conference People we have high expectations for environmental management and human rights in the workplace. In essence this means treating people fairly and preserving the environment. As a responsible company, our duties extend globally towards people, the environment and society. This is how we aim to build a sustainable company and, just as importantly, manage sustainable events. We ask our clients and suppliers to join us. We are working closely on these issues and our aim is to raise awareness of our responsibilities. Here are a few examples of how your next event could be a success for your business, the environment and of course, your people.

What is a green event?

Broad guidelines for a greener event are that it should be organised electronically, minimise carbon emissions for travelling delegates and speakers, save energy, practice recycling, and adopt environmentally-thoughtful measures wherever practical and possible.

Green venues

Choose hotels and other venues where environmental responsibility is a priority. Our constantly updated database of venues contains over 40,000 suitable venues worldwide, we are aware of the greenest venues so we can match the right venue for your meeting.

One example might be Kew Gardens because of its work for the conservation and preservation of plants; another might be the Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre, a completely sustainable, eco friendly conference facility. There are very few totally sustainable venues in the UK, so our expertise comes in finding you companies and venues that are doing everything they can to minimise their impact on the environment, and help you to run your event in a planet friendly manner, whilst maintaining the high levels of style and professionalism required.

A green destination

Some conference destinations work harder at sustainability than others. Tourist locations are increasingly participating in a Green Tourism Business Scheme to save energy and water, and reduce waste, as well as focus on the use of locally-grown foods.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Each of us leaves a carbon dioxide ‘footprint’ that contributes to the ‘greenhouse effect’. Individual delegates could be introduced to the idea of eliminating their CO² emissions impact by buying carbon credits from the likes of Carbon Footprint.  How about having a sponsor contribute towards the carbon debt of your event? Alternatively, a ceremonial tree planting could be part of this process and is a nice PR opportunity. Contact an event manager for lots of other great ideas to reduce the carbon footprint of your event.


Recycle conference brochures, printed pages, name badges, and other promotional material.  Even better, you can keep your production of materials down to a minimum by producing your delegate pack online. We can upload all of your speaker presentations to your bespoke event website so delegates can view them any time after the event.  Recycled products can be used throughout the conference: labels, pencils, marker pens, paper, mouse mats, clipboards etc.

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