The certainty of uncertainty and being positive

It’s really hard to believe that it’s nearly a year since we started dealing with the fallout from the pandemic. We’ve spent the past year reacting to the different world, reorganising, sharpening everything up and supporting our clients with new event plans, virtual and hybrid conferences. As well as fun teambuilding sessions.

Nothing can replace the excitement and varied benefits of a live event getting your guests and delegates physically together. Our clients are telling us that they want and need to go back to this as soon as possible and we are receiving more enquiries for live events for the second half of this year onwards.

The Events business will change for ever and mostly for the good. Sustainability, ROI, Flexible Contracts and a great value Delegate Experience will be even more important. And this is where The Conference People come in. With 36 years’ experience with every imaginable event we perfectly tuned to offer advice and support as the Meetings Industry takes to the fore again.

We are making sure that we are ready and prepared with venue intelligence, legislation and Covid constraints. Let’s have a chat.

Robert Enefer