Events are sometimes viewed as wasteful in terms of the distances travelled, the extravagance of production, their transitory nature and the disposability of materials used.
A company’s reputation is on display at an event; it’s important that any commitment to managing their carbon emissions is clearly visible.
How to make your event CarbonNeutral®?
    • Prior to the event you will be sent a series of questions to estimate the carbon footprint - which is verified by one of our science partners.
    • The next step is to adopt any practical measures to reduce emissions internally.
    • To reduce emissions to net zero, a carbon off setting programme will be organised for you: this means that for every one tonne of CO2 produced by the event, one tonne will
      be saved by a project somewhere else in the world.
Project examples include solar schemes in India, hydro-power in China and methane capture in Germany.
    • You will then receive the CarbonNeutral® event logo and certificate. Examples of where you might use this logo include the event invitation, website, programme, holding
      slide,  show bags, t-shirts and banners.
    • Once the event has taken place, a final check on the event data will be conducted to ensure the information prior and post event matches.
Benefits of a CarbonNeutral® event?
    • Meets stakeholder pressures
    • Aligns with concerns of leading client companies
    • Genuine environmental benefit
    • Delivered by experienced, respected third party – The CarbonNeutral Company
If you would like to discuss any of your event needs in more detail please contact our team on 01323 644644.

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