I’ve just read an interesting article in this month’s M&IT (Jan 09 issue) called ‘Find the perfect fit’ which gives some interesting advice on finding the right agency, and a couple of points really stood out;

Share your budget – setting this early on, and sharing it. This is so true. We are masters of making the most of a budget – and it can be frustrating to make a detailed proposal to a potential client only to find out at a later stage that their budget is restricted.

Be open and honest – one thing we pride ourselves on. As founder members of the MIA we adhere to their code of practice, one of the points being “We promise you will receive honest answers to any questions you raise. In all our dealings we aim to behave openly, with trust and integrity.”

Here at The Conference People we have a really broad range of Clients, from charities to public sectors to associations to blue chip giants. We believe that gives us a unique experience base. For any potential Clients out there - make the most of that! Contact us now to find you that perfect venue or get a quote to help you manage your next event.

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