Great article in this months Conference and Incentive Travel Magazine by David Stubbs, Head of Sustainability of London 2012, offering a Top Ten approach for event planners, regardless of the size of the event. Sadly I cant find the article online, so will summarise the points below as its worth us all knowing:

1. Make the Commitment - agree a policy and deliver it.

2. Ensure all internal management are aware of the policy AND accountable.

3. Place sustainability criteria within the procurement system.

4. Specify that materials are responsibly sourced, recycled/ reusable.

5. Ensure all venues you use have a sustainability policy in place.

6. Ensure high standards of accessibility to the event.

7. Promote travel by public transport, cycling or on foot.

8. Catering should provide for diverse cultures and include seasonal, locally produced, fair trade produce.

9. Minimise waste and packaging.

10. This is my own one - remember "Sustainability" isn't just about being green. Take into account social and economic factors, as well as the environment.

Great the Olympic team is making such an effort, its never going to be a planet friendly event, totally impossible, but the message coming out of the 2012 camp is a positive one and long may it continue. If it can have a knock on effect into the conference and events industry, even better.

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