It’s all about People…… and Time!

The Conference People set ourselves stringent targets from everything from answering our ‘phones to setting up inspection visits, we work in an industry where speed is of the essence. When we are asked to find the perfect venue for a meeting, conference, in fact any event, we immediately start working against the clock to search, contact, negotiate to make sure that we create the perfect proposal. This proposal can be ready within 24 hours if needed (a little longer for overseas requests). We work at a really fast pace to complete each stage of the process that will result in finding the right venue with the very best deal.

Typically we will contact between 30 and 150 potential venues. We have our own amazing database tool called AVenue which helps to shortcut the process and makes sure that we don’t miss anywhere but you can imagine the time that this can take, but not with us!

In a busy and demanding industry things change and evolve constantly. We don’t typically make provisional bookings at every venue so we work fast to monitor availability as soon as venues are shortlisted, this is important as venues will usually have options on event space for other events that may not be as serious as ours. Then setting up venue visits, negotiating venue contracts and payments and making sure everyone is happy all need to be dealt with speedily.

Of course, we are also saving time for our clients. This search and negotiation process is time consuming, especially if you don’t have the contacts and are not familiar with the venues and industry. We are constantly told “ I don’t know how you are able to do this so quickly” and “ You have saved me so much time”. It means then that people are able to concentrate on the right venue selection, visit the shortlist and be ready to make the decision.

We can’t control time but we’ll give it a jolly good try! Contact us now to save yourself some time. Please speak to me personally. 01323 644644

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